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Opportunities during Covid 19

I left my job and decided to take a sabbatical in the month of January. Even though we were in the middle of an economic slowdown, I wasn't a bit worried. Although the news of a virus outbreak in China was making its rounds in the news, I never expected the whole world to be tied down in a short span of 3-4 months.

Things have drastically changed in the last couple of months for India and the whole world. Lives have been uprooted, jobs lost, economies tumbled, even the IMF has declared that we are in a global recession now.

Disney, Google, Slack, HP etc are companies which were formed right before, after or during an economic setback. And they are some of the biggest companies in the world right now. What does that mean? Even during the worst of times there are OPPORTUNITIES. Opportunities to be conquered if you make the right move.

Even during these hard times I want people to be optimistic, see the silver lining and start working towards it. To try and motivate some of you here are some sectors which have thrived during the lockdown and some opportunities which I think are right there. These industries are not on a temporary high, because they will hold their ground even after the Lockdown and the pandemic, simply because "people are used to it now".

Health & Fitness

Health is definitely one sector where growth is expected after a pandemic. Even though hospitals and clinics see a reduction in non-corona patients right now, they have an opportunity in hand by using this time to experiment new setups. Some major players are already pushing on patient at home programs by providing all hospital like treatments at anybody's home.

Medicine delivery platforms have gotten a sudden boost due to the lockdown. The lockdown has forced a lot of people to go online for their medicines which will definitely help increase the adaption rates.

Virtual hospitals are also being set up, even though the practicality is limited it is definitely a new avenue for the industry to explore. Virtual fitness training centres (Yoga, Z