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Digital Marketing Intern

Looking for digital marketing geeks who want to learn and grow, and also the once interested in:


  • Content writing

  • Performance Marketing

  • Marketing strategies

Job Type: Intern

Period: 2 months

Salary: Nil

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Office employee

Business Development Associates

You will be responsible for finding and retaining clients, encouraging existing clients to purchase more services we offer, and staying current with consumer trends. You'll also be expected to boost the team's productivity.

In order to recruit and keep clients, you will be required to attend networking events. Finally, an exceptional business development executive will monitor customer feedback to guarantee that our services consistently surpass expectations.


  • Familiarize yourself with all services offered by our company.

  • Procuring new clients through direct contact, word-of-mouth, and cold calling

  • Attending networking activities to research and connect with prospective clients.

  • Maintaining meaningful relationships with existing clients to ensure that they are retained.

  • Suggesting upgrades or added products and services that may be of interest to clients.

  • Crafting business proposals and contracts to draw in more revenue from clients.

  • Negotiating with clients to secure the most attractive prices.

  • Reviewing clients' feedback and implementing necessary changes.

  • Remaining in tune with trends in consumption to ensure that our offerings remain relevant.


  • Experience: 1-2 years

  • Good communication skills and suitable services.
    Salary expectation: Basic salary- ₹12,000 to ₹15,0000 + Incentives

  • Good networking skills

  • Good research skills

  • Ability to generate revenue by identifying pain points and suggesting 


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