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What is re-targeting?

Have you ever been to a website and then you find banners from that website follow you everywhere you go on the internet? This is re-targeting or re-marketing.

How it works?

When you go to a website, like Amazon, they put a cookie on your computer and as you browse through Amazon, they pixel you, they will be able to read the products that you checked out. Later they show you ads of these products on other websites.

Now re-marketing has grown. There are many companies that help you do this. Now there are major players like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram etc that allows you to re-target people directly from within their platforms. There are many advantages to this.

Re-targeting not only works on e-commerce sites. You can utilize them in your blog. Let’s say someone read your blog on ‘Marketing funnels’. Now you know that this person is interested in it and you can follow them around, maybe send them an eBook about marketing funnel. Then you can pixel them on Facebook. This way you’re telling Facebook that the person bought an eBook about marketing funnel and that this is a warm lead. Maybe we can push him to a webinar or buy a product. The idea behind this is that you have a funnel where you’re moving people down and you are able to do that with your ads as well. A lot of people (98%-99%) visiting your website aren’t going to get converted in the first shot. So you have to follow them around and know where they are at in the funnel.