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Top 5 Marketing Tools to Make Marketing Easier for Begineers

If you are a new business or a growing business You shouldn’t be missing out on the Internet anymore. The list given below is a marketing stack which will help you monitor and analyse your growth. These tools will also help your digital marketing efforts from email to social media creation.

In this blog we are going to be looking at some of the best marketing tools available today.


If you set it up right, using lot of filters, you can analyse per region, per traffic sources, you can look at what content does well and what doesn’t and based on each channel like what does well on Facebook, email and on an organic standpoint.

From google analytics you can learn a lot. Here are few insights that I’ve learned. When you pop up a blog, content (doesn’t matter what region you’re going after) you have to give it 6 months to a year before you start seeing a really good Google search traffic. If you don’t give it time you won’t see much organic traffic.

The next insight will be that what works on Facebook does not work well for organic. What works well for organic need not work well for social traffics. So, you have to focus on creating contents that will work well on both sides. So, google analytics help you figure out these insights plus its completely free.

Google Search Console (Google webmaster tools) is fantastic for looking and tracking what’s going on in the organic traffic side and how effectively SEO is working. The great thing about this tool is that you can connect Google search console with your analytics and you can see your top pages and how they are converting, the top organic performance. You can go through different data and also take actions accordingly so that you can generate more revenue.

You can also look at your crawl rate, if there are any crawl errors on your website, you can see the search analytics, you can see what the click rate is on the search result page, impressions your keywords are getting. You can slice and dice some data on it and if there are any errors, that will also be displayed. There are many other features that are available and we will need a separate article to discuss them.


It shows how many backlinks you have and also which ones you’re losing. So, you can head up to those sites and link it back to you again. It also shows how many links your competitor has. You can look into your competitor’s site in AHREFS and cross reference it with your own website and it will show what link they have that you don’t. It will hit up every one of those websites for you by sending emails. It’s that simple. By doing those emails you get more links and in the long run you get more search traffic. It also shows every single keyword your competitor use, its position and how much traffic are driving them. Then you will know what keywords to go after. Knowing what your competitors are ranking for is priceless.

Similar tool to this is SEM Rush. This tool has an additional benefit. It does similar things as AHREFS, like finding top rated pages, ranking etc. but also it can see the search ad that a specific website is running. It searches ads, display ads and it also show video ads. So SEM Rush and AHREFS when combined, you can cross reference the data and also both of them have benefits that the other one might not have.


If you’re getting traffic but no conversions this is a tool you might want to check out. It lets you see how people engage on your website. You put the code on the site and it shows you: if your visitors are scrolling down or not, where they are clicking and not clicking. So, you can track these and rearrange tour website layout to get the attention of visitors on the things that you want them to.

4. Scheduling tools like Grum and Promo Republic.

These tools save a lot of time by scheduling the posts that you want to upload on your social media. Grum works on Instagram platform and Promo Republic covers all social media (All though it doesn’t let you schedule Instagram from a computer). You can schedule multiple posts for a particular date and time. You can add the caption you want. You can also add tags, hashtags. Promo Republic also allows you to design and create contents. Talking about creating contents, let's take a look at our next tool

5. Canva

Canva simplifies the process of creating contents. The hours that you take to create a single content can now be reduced to minutes. Canva has a large amount of resources and images. It also has layout that supports various platforms and the type of content you are making. And since canva has both web version and mobile app version, you can get your contents wherever you want. Also, the user-friendly interface and the easiness to use it makes it the ‘go-to’ tool for creating contents.

These are just some of the tools which are useful.

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