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How to use Instagram to sell or sell more

It is a must! To skyrocket sales and make enormous profit you must reach your target audience!! I’m glad to tell you that millions of businesses are driving amazing results with Instagram. How? Why?

To understand that keep reading.

In the fast paced world we live in today, things change. You are changing. It’s not just you that is changing. In fact the world is changing, even beyond the world the entire universe is changing. Gone are the days when it’s compulsory to have a physical store to sell products and services. Damn!

Now? That is done and dusted. The sales being generated by e-commerce is skyrocketing at an alarming rate. The world of online selling, digital marketing and e-commerce emerged against all odds and it’s going places. The train of selling products online is going places! And yes! You need to move your business with it. Remember, work smart not necessarily hard.

You need to be smart! You need to be up to date on various ingenious methods of selling.

Do you know?

  • At an average over one billion photos are being shared on Instagram each day.

  • More than 700 million people worldwide use Instagram.

More than enough statistics has proved that Instagram is a goldmine of insight on how clients and potential clients react to your brand. How can you leverage this great social tool to your business advantage? How can you sell more on Instagram? This is exactly what the following list will teach you.

  1. Profile optimization You can’t jump into Instagram like a Gorilla motivated by a Schwarzenegger movie, make one random profile and expect to make a whale of fortune overnight. No way!! Your profile must be short, sweet, engaging and optimized. How?

a. Profile Picture: Your profile picture must be a brain stimulator. I mean a good brand representative. A catchy, well branded logo will do great.

b. A killer bio: Speak to your target audience with concise, catchy and easy to understand words. In this bio you must tell your audience what your brand can offer.

c. Link your store: This is where the magic begins; a clickable link must be available in your bio. This link must link directly to your store where you offer services. This will not only help generate leads but also drive traffic.

d. Highlights: This is an attractive feature which can be used to highlight your different categories/products or offers.

2) Reach Your target audience through Instagram ad

From time to time Instagram algorithm changes is changes and the competition is getting more fierce than ever before. This is why the use of Instagram add is now very important.

This is not rocket science, in fact it's easy. Once you create the content you want to promote, all you need do is click on boost. From here Instagram will take over. Follow the instructions Meticulously and choose from a list of targeted options.

3) Instagram Story

This is a new Instagram tool that can help you reach your target audience even more specifically. Story adds are more likely to get more engagements because they often pop up in between Instagram posts.

  • To get maximum benefit from this feature, your content must be attention grabbing.

  • Try promoting giveaways and special offers in Instagram stories.

In my next post, I'll discuss several other features that will help you sell more on Instagram.

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