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Do Something Creative Everyday

Imagine coming home from a long hostel life and you find your room has an additional small size cupboard brought in by your parents. You already have a small cupboard and try to get rid of the new one by reasoning with your parents because it takes too much space and restricts your exercise cum headphone dancing space. Once you see there is no choice, you start to adjust things to fit. You start shifting things here and there and try to solve the solution which is to find equal space as before along with that new cupboard. After a lot of shifting you find your answer and your mom walks in to find the new small cupboard on top of the old one. You smile at her open-eyed impression at your solution. That smile is called creative satisfaction.

In our daily jam-packed life filled with rush and hustle, moments like these give us the necessary confidence boost and happiness quotient. They may be in everything you do from finding smart solutions as part of your job to helping a bystander on the bus with a strategic solution to their casual question. Creating a challenge for your mind to find a solution satisfying all the given constraints, that’s awakening your creativity. And history has proved to us that people with creative satisfaction end up living with higher satisfaction, content, happiness and better outlook towards life. The words of Gilda Radner are symbolic of the same - I can always be distracted by love, but eventually, I get horny for my creativity.

Thus its highly imperative that all of us try and include creativity in our day to day lives. For this, we must open our eyes to the immediate surroundings and try and find the right questions. Questions that matter for us on an arm’s length basis. Am I happy about this? How can I better that? Is this the best I can get out of this? Etc. Find the constraints to the obvious solution and you will find your brain scratching here and there and you will come up with something. Creativity is the bread and butter for many people including artists, business professionals and more. Mighty satisfying solutions have made the best startups and businesses today. Never settle for something small and say this solution will do when you know you can better it. Always believe that you deserve more and get bigger out of everything small. Think wide, think stupid, and consider all your options and choose the odd one and drill it to perfection.

As Tuli Kupferberg said, “when patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”.

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