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Write Ideas


Those magical thoughts that have changed humanity from pushing trunks to perfecting the wheel. We have seen over the years that wings of change always flutter on the fire of ideas. Ideas have driven civilizations and taken us to where we are today. But ideas are like wandering sons, as per Bern Williams an English philosopher, they show up when we least expect them.

Hell, even Archimedes had his bulb lit during his bath and was so excited by it that the Eureka scene happened.

Ideas are such sudden enlightenment that changes your life. You never know when they hit you and get your attention for how long. Considering the startup culture that is blooming in India today, it is visible of how a lot of the people these days are respecting the problems they face and want to find solutions for them. If you ask any of the founding members of any startups, you would find that they all had such flashes of brilliance that helped them build a business.

They would also tell you that there have been moments when they thought some awesome idea or technic or shortcut or a new application for their business that they couldn’t recollect or the overpopulation of such ideas or applications that buried a small jewel idea between them or couldn’t remember having thought of such an awesome thought at all. Writing up thoughts are the only solution to such circumstances. Ask yourself the right questions and they will always get your thoughts flowing in the right direction. Just remember to try and be conscious when your mind is running through such interesting ideas and without hesitation make a note when they crop up. It is highly probable that most of such immediate ideas are more bullshit than real but still as long as we note it we can always work on it later and remove the bullshit portions later and complete the idea if its capable of the same.

Also, watch out for what you write up, think up the key point of the thought that is forcing you to write it up and be sure to mark that, or else you would be later left wondering what gibberish you wrote up. Its best to keep a diary and if you are not into writing, then just save them to the gadgets. There are many apps that provide for such note making and then there is real-time shareable google keep too. Find time later to perfect such ideas that you have written up. On such re-examination later, you will be able to think it through with continuity and throw out the stupid ones and elaborate and sharpen the good ones. They may even give you great businesses if you perfect such ideas and execute them. The words of Francis A. Cartier are relevant here, “there is only one way in which a person acquires a new idea: by the combination or association of two or more ideas he already has into a new juxtaposition in such a manner as to discover a relationship among them of which he was not previously aware”.

So write them all up.

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